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Welcome to Kitten Way at Briarcliff Heights

This is our mascot Biscuit.

What would you do with your feline companion if…

  • You have a chemical dependence and had to entering an inpatient rehabilitation program?
  • You are having a mental health crisis and have to be admitted for an inpatient hospital stay?
  • You couldn’t feed them?
  • You couldn’t spay or neuter them?
  • You couldn’t vaccinate them?
  • You do not know where to find low-cost vet resources?
  • You have a neighborhood full of stray felines that aren’t companion animals?

Tour our website, find out how Kitten Way can help BCH with your feline companion, basic necessities, and neighborhood feline situation.

If you received a flyer in your mailbox please go here: http://www.kittenway.org/tnr/

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated-Gandhi

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